The first 13 Land Projects who successfully "Crowdpool" the resources they need to get started will be invited to join us for Season 2!


Then together we'll go through the process of connecting with each of the organisations and tools in our alliance to help land projects in setting up their unique "Infinite Games" and helping make each of our land projects successful as we navigate this new territory together.


If accepted into the alliance:
  • participation in the ReGen Civics Accelerator; Designed to help projects set up your "Infinite Games" designing the social, economic, financial, governance, and organizational systems of your project.
  • a minimum 100k $RCivics (Regen) equivalent "Token Swap"; This process makes every project and organisation co-invested in each-other and sets at the heart of our ecosystem. Land projects receive a minimum 100k $RCivics (Regen) tokens and ReGen Civics receives an equivalent value in your Land Projects' tokens (so if $RCivics is valued at €10 and a project's tokens are valued at €1 then ReGen Civics would send 100k $RCivics and receive 1m of your projects tokens)
  • available to receive funding from ReGen Civics; This process provides a safer investment route to fund our projects as investors put their money into ReGen Civics and receive $RCivics (which is backed by ALL the projects and organisations). When ReGen Civics receives this funding members may vote to send it to Land Projects (with a preference to projects who are part of each Season) and Organisations and receive back equivalent tokens from those projects. For example ReGen Civics may send €1mm to a land project and receive back €1m equivalent in the projects' tokens.
  • available for 1 representative and member of your project to hold the "Ally Badge" and receive 1111 Voice to govern ReGen Civics. ReGen Civics is governed by those who hold "Voice". You earn Voice by completing Quests (1 Voice for each quest), or by receiving the Ally Badge to represent your project/organisation and receive 1111 Voice (holding the Ally Badge means your voice is 1111x greater than someone who's done 1 Quest and 555x greater than someone who's done 2 Quests, etc...).
$RCivics is the "Utility Token" of the ReGen Civics ecosystem that represents a contribution to ReGen Civics and ownership of ReGen Civics assets (which includes a share of every organisation and project in the alliance). In this way owning $RCivics is owning a piece of every project and when our projects' receive $RCivics then we're owning a share of each other.
Our entire process is open-source and other projects outside the 13 are encouraged to follow along if it's helpful or even set up additional alliance ecosystems with unique tokens!

Best practices / suggestions for each season of 13

  • Existing land or assets under contract
  • Interoperable technology stack (Hypha's DAO tools)
  • Ready to fundraise
    • Pitch deck & timeline
      • Any milestones achieved
      • Actionable targets for the season
    • Vision & story articulated (brand, name, art, etc)
    • Model for use of capital (all 9+ forms) pooled at various tiers (e.g. raised $10 we do x raise $100 we do y)
    • Incentives or rewards for those contributing (i.e. NFTs, tokens, Physical items, access to events or property, etc)
  • Basic organization structure formed
    • Existing social presence and storytelling roles to provide monthly updates (added to the Seeds library - SEEDSlibrary.com )
      • Core project management team formed (fundraising success is not contingent upon people joining the project, fundraising ask and goals can be executed without additional people needing to join the team?)
  • Sustainable organisation & regenerative business model
    • Regenerative Business Plan
    • Capital returns - how are the members of the project's needs sustained?
    • Any evidence for why this model will succeed? (How is success measured, scaled, replicated?)
  • To what extent is this project regenerative
  • To what extent is this project replicable, viral and/or fractal (i.e. investor attractive)
    • Ease for communities to use your project as a platform for their own, executed via 'platform cooperativism'.
    • Likelihood of being a model for implementation by anyone, anywhere (e.g. Airbnb destinations can be created by most anyone, anywhere vs Auroville which cannot).
  • To what extent is this project a global model for DAO/DHO tokenomics
    • Use of a system that stewards a sophisticated token economy (e.g. Hypha DHO tool)
    • Establishes its own hyperlocal culture, currency, economy backed by its own token, connected to a regional and/or global regenerative currency
  • To what extent does this project edify others about regenerative development
    • What specific courses, classes, training, documentation, resources does this project provide to edify and support other community leaders in implementing regenerative development in their bioregions.

What we're looking for:

  • High score on the regenerative civics scorecard (TBD)
  • Regenerative Diversity
    • Housing
    • Food
    • Wellbeing
    • Etc.
  • Cooperative & equitable value and power distribution (e.g. land not privately owned by 1 member)


  1. 1.
    Any project may apply to be part of the 13.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    We score all projects and select 21 to come and share during the project pitch day! Where a 90min recording sharing all projects.
  4. 4.
    The council then selects what 13 they'd best be able to support the next season.
  5. 5.
    Those 13 projects share in a space for 1 recording introducing the upcoming season - to be used for the crowdfunding/crowdpooling campaigns.