Hacienda Tabi Living-Lab (Proposed)

1,355 hectares Living Lab in the heart of Yucatan, Mexico

Our vision for this project is to co-create a sustainable, regenerative, Living-Lab, Research-Center and project Incubator-Hub focused on the heart of our creative nature; to inspire the merging and connecting of people, nature and technology in harmonious integration. As a nature-based, contextual eco-community founded on the principles of restoration, we co-create unity between people and nature by using the latest frameworks and methods to meet the social and environmental needs of the region of Yucatan. This is the first phase of co-creation with guests, visitors and partners from Yucatan and around the world to create the conditions necessary to enable and foster innovation in this wonderful, one-of-a-kind laboratory. A home for thought leaders, educators, researchers, scientists, creatives, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and indigenous and local leaders in an environment of unparalleled beauty. The 10 Labs: 1. Food Lab

2. Water, Soil & Seeds Lab

3. Storytelling & Communications Lab

4. Music, Frequency & Sound Lab

5. Ecoliteracy & Sensemaking Lab

6. Cosmovision Lab

7. Medicinal Plants & Apothecary Lab

8. Makers Lab

9. Textile & Fashion Lab

10. Mycelium Lab Hacienda Tabi is currently in the Regenesis Phase (or pre-operational phase), the current emergence period of the project. At this stage, we are only looking for volunteers with specific skills. In the next phase, the program will be made more open and a proposal system for the Labs will be set up. Once familiar with the proposal guidelines and the voting system you can join as many Labs as you like. You start of as a visitor with no voting rights and scale your level up through other members vouching and/or Requesting membership. You can become a Lab shareholder by purchasing LabNFTs or Tokens. LabNFTs has multiple benefits for you and the community. It is not only your proof of Partnership but also it is financing the Proposals and the Lab Stewardship Council.

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