$RCivics / $Regen: Co-Own the Game / Economics

To benefit us, the Players of our Infinite Game!

Token Details

Our token is a "Contribution Accounting" token. Legally speaking, all contributions (money and otherwise) are donations to ReGen Civics.

This token is helpful for knowing how ReGen Civics would distribute assets if ReGen Civics was to close.


ReGen Civics is multi-chain and will launch our tokens on any ecosystem and platform that is aligned with our goals.

$RCivics & $Regen represent the same tokens. Simply put $RCivics is the token that exists outside the SEEDS Ecosystem on EVM (Like Ethereum, Celo, Base, EOSEVM, TelosEVM, etc)" blockchains. These blockchains use unique wallets and come with transaction fees. But, they're also the blockchains with the most 'liquidity' AKA the ability to trade $RCivics for other tokens like Ethereum, Telos, EOS, and USDC. While $Regen is the token that exists within the "SEEDS (on Telos Native)" ecosystem where transactions are free & instant but where there is less ability to trade tokens outside our ecosystem. Here we can create the liquidity between our projects (like trading your ecovillage tokens in one bioregion for tokens in another bioregion across our Earth) in a free and instant environment!


The Infinite Game is designed to never end.

However, if for whatever reason a member feels we have failed they may initiate a "GAME OVER" proposal.

If the "GAME OVER" proposal passes with 90% Unity (people who vote yes vs no) and 50% Quorum (how much Voice overall needs to vote) then the Game ends and all assets are distributed proportionally to all $Regen / $RCivics holders. This is what "Backs" $RCivics / $Regen.

Issued with 'contribution proposals' and 'quest completions'

Whenever players contribute to our Infinite Game some examples:

  • participating in a Season (apply for a role in ReGen Civics under "Assignments");

  • helping coordinate a Season of ReGen Civics (video production, hosting, knowledge sharing, etc);

  • offering tools, (like the coordination tech of Hypha, Nestr, SEEDS), products, knowledge, land, (or any of the 8+ forms of capital) etc for free or at a discount to other alliance members (you earn tokens for what you offer to the movement);

  • setting up local food systems in our bioregions and adding them to LocalScale;

  • creating open-source eco-village templates like Re-Villager;

  • providing infrastructure for communities like Geoship;

  • etc...

What we consider a contribution is always up to the decision of the Voice holders as any member of ReGen Civics may bring a proposal.


What other benefits, rights, powers, abilities, responsibilities, and more our tokens represent is yet to be co-created and this is a central part to our Infinite Game is innovating new ways to coordinate and co-create value together for the benefit of all life on earth.

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