Step 9: Collaborate & thrive for Globally Regenerative Civilizations

Why Cryptocurrency and Web3 tools?โ€จ

A primary reason Web3 tools are so powerful for the Regenerative Renaissance movement is that they help us create systems that are more resilient to hostile take over, attacks, or corruption (as our centralized institutions have shown themselves to be too susceptible to corruption).โ€จ

We ensure that numbers (such as governance rights) can't be altered (like in a centralized database) to take control; or otherwise corrupt the financial and governance systems of a community.

We ensure that particular individuals don't have to be trusted to secure the collectives resources (money, land, etc), such as a minority having unfettered access to the community/project bank account.

Web 3 provides tools to ensure the people who participate in these projects will always retain a direct, censorship resistant, and immutable voice in the economics and governance of their community. โ€จโ€จ

We're creating this together

There's a global movement to build a Regenerative Civilization and we're all doing so through a diversity of unique projects. You're encouraged to openly share learning, models, tools, and more with other Villages so we can learn faster together in our shared goal of healing our planet.

โ€จโ€จBy uniting under a shared global economic system we can coordinate more effectively and increase our impact on the global stage, helping shift the course of civilization towards systemic regeneration.โ€จโ€จ


Throughout the ecosystem (and globally as it's all open-source) we share wisdom, modules (such as a protocol for communities to make decisions), coordination plays (such as a certain organization/work patterns) and other coordination applications across our Villages. If one community finds a pattern that's successful we can codify this pattern and more easily propagate successful patterns (and avoid unsuccessful ones) throughout our ecosystem.โ€จโ€จ

This also makes it easier for members to travel from one project to the other and get integrated as they would already be familiar with the general governance process (they'll just have to learn the novelties of the particular community). They could use the same apps to vote and manage their tokens as well as swap one village token for another if they change locations.

What could this look like in the future?

A diversity of regenerative and multi-species Villages scattered across the globe collaborating together to create a shared global economic system. Global, because our climate crisis is global and will require a globally coordinated effort towards systemic regeneration.

If we can band together our global movement we'd represent a top 10 global economy and our efforts to provide viable alternative to 20th century economics won't be able to be ignored.

Articles about new rivers becoming drinkable again are common.

Each year we host the "Regenerative Village Olympics" where villages compete across a variety of social and ecological regenerative metrics, such as water, air, and soil quality along with social metrics such as fulfillment/joy/purpose, health, and education (just for fun).

Species that were once on the brink of extinction are thriving and humanity is continually discovering new possibilities with our relationship with Earth (such as how to read the language of plants and other non-human life).

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