Roadmap, Coordination Patterns, and Seasons

A "ReGen Civics Year" Roadmap 2022

ReGen Civics "Year" length TBD as we explore how long it takes for land based projects to go through this process.

Each "ReGen Year", the Alliance selects 13 projects to accelerate and highlight. Projects go on a shared journey to:

  • Support for co-designing a shared crowdfunding campaign for all 13 projects

  • Collaborating for shared storytelling and marketing for our crowdfunding and "Crowdpooling (looking at all 10 forms of capital)" campaigns

  • Support and free access to cutting-edge platforms to develop your own community currency, governance systems, and economy

  • Templates and advisement on how to transition from private to community ownership

  • Templates and decentralized financing advisement and economic design

  • Peer regenerative development support as we learn how to launch and steward regenerative projects together

  • Decentralized financing fundraising support

  • Support in co-creating circular and regenerative economies

  • Support in co-creating regenerative social systems

  • Join the Alliance and have your project token represented in the "Regenerative Civics Projects Index" that the Alliance provides

We open source our learning journeys so that any projects across the globe may learn and benefit from our journey as well as we take action towards opting into regenerative cultures.

Season 1

Video submissions

Project Selection Tool

The Seasons

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" - Lao Tzu

The Seasons Protocol helps us consciously shift and focus our energy throughout the years. It's an evolving protocol intended to support human thrivability as well as a pattern to more effectively coordinate at scale.


These season won't necessarily mimic the Seasons of our Earth. Though as we refine our processes and ease the process for projects (with templates, tutorials, guides, tools, etc) we may achieve a state where we mimic Earth's seasons.

  • Winter - Global - Yin - In - Consolidation Govern, Decide, Redesign, & Prepare our Projects for Spring

    • Solstice Celebration

  • Spring - Global - Yang - Out - Expansion Launch new Crowd-Pooling Campaigns

    • Equinox Celebration

  • Summer - Local - Yang - Out - Expansion Regen Civics Festivals - On-the-ground Regeneration

    • Solstice Celebration

  • Fall - Local - Yin - In - Consolidation Regen Civics Life / Reflection / Harvest

    • Equinox Celebration

Seasons of: Winter - Local - Yin - In - Consolidation

Focus examples:

  • Making Decisions

    • Focus: After the Fall Season of reflection and grounding we are more prepared to make wise decisions for our projects, organizations, and communities

  • Crafting and designing our organizations (and new DHO/DAO/Economic/Organization/Etc structures) With the lived experience of the last 3 seasons and coming off a reflective season we then consciously evolve our organizational patterns and prepare for the next season of Crowdpooling for projects

    • Focus: Creating templates, making fliers, creating our various structures as seen above in roadmap.

Seasons of: Spring - Global - Yang - Out - Expansion

Focus examples:

  • Prepare and run crowd pooling campaigns for Regenerative Civics projects Where communities pool a variety of the 9+ forms of capital needed to run villages, cooperative food systems, material libraries, or any socially or ecologically regenerative project...

    • Focus: storytelling campaigns, alliance building, forming teams, pooling resources, preparing for the summer actions, etc.

Seasons of: Summer - Global - Yang - Out - Expansion

Focus Examples:

  • Regen civics raising festivals for in-person regenerative activations Physically coming together in community across the globe and doing the work of ecological and social regeneration. This is where we put our tools to the test to see how they help us with the real work of on-the-ground systems change.

    • Focus: Fresh air, celebration and festivals, sunlight, hands in the soil: build, repair, & regenerate

Season of: Fall - Local - Yin - In - Consolidation

Focus examples:

  • ReGen Harvest Festivals where we share learnings, experience and wisdom to inform our Winter Seasons activities.

  • Family and Village wellbeing and thrivability The group work, ensuring we're consciously giving active space to co-create with our families and local communities

  • Personal wellbeing and thrivability Intentionally leaving space for the incredibly important inner work and regenerating our inner landscapes

  • Making Sense - Reflect on economic & governance protocols A time of reflection on how our Governance systems served us (or didn't) in serving our purpose the previous seasons

    • Focus: Reflect, research, explore, & sense-make

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