ReGenerative Renaissance Orientation Episodes

Learnings from our years of creating in the "ReGenerative Renaissance" (since 2012)

ReGen Civics was born from a journey into designing Regenerative Economic systems and a growing desire to putting the theory and tools developed over the years (explored in the video series) into practical on-the-ground application by helping launch a growing diversity of regenerative "Minimum Viable Economic System", otherwise known as "Land Projects" (which you can explore by clicking this link). Enjoy the journey below. Feel free to watch the series in any order :)

This map is not the territory

As in, the videos and materials we have created aren't "THE TRUTH" instead, they are an attempt at creating maps that help guide us across this increasingly unknown territory of civilizational transition.

Please use the comments section in the videos to share additional tools, projects, perspectives, organizations, actions, etc that you may be aware of and we can collectively make these maps more complete. What you find below is just one effort to put together our work into a coherent orientation for our growing movement. ๐Ÿ’š

All videos, tools, materials shared here are Open-Source and FREE to use/recreate/re-inspire - except for endeavors that serve Moloch, in such cases, All Rights have been Reserved.

All work published on the SEEDS Video channels, library, and presentations are free to use and slides are often linked in the show notes. Along with the majority of software in our Alliance, our creativity is an open-source gift to the world.๐Ÿ’š

Consider supporting a project by participating with your time, other resources, or purchasing a corresponding token from a Projects' DAO (click the link to explore DAOs) As of April 2023 purchasing any projects' Token (for any project in the ReGen Civics Alliance) is technically, legally, and in all the ways, A DONATION (and sometimes tax-deductible).

Receiving a token is simply a "Token of Appreciation" to track your contribution to the movement, in a process we call "Contribution Accounting".

What additional rights and abilities token ownership confers, is up to each specific project to define.



Orientation series history:

  • Constructed Spring 2022 (would not contain any latest findings - for those you can keep up with the SEEDS Video Channel or Discord)

  • We'll be exploring several open-source and free tools and technologies that groups (land projects, bioregional economies, ecovillages, startup towns, HOAs converted, etc) can use today to make new financial, governance, organization, and economic systems.

  • We'll be recounting the 2011-2022 journey where 10k+ people and 400+ organizations came together to co-create a new type of economic system that's regenerative by design.

Episode 1

Explore key insights from an 11+ year journey into the Regenerative Renaissance as an ever growing number of people have come together to collectively ask:

  • How can we build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

  • How can we design new economic and governance systems to coordinate the systemic regeneration and reunion with Earth?

We've been building, iterating, evolving, and testing a variety of approaches over the last 11 years that we'll explore.

We open source one of our most valuable assets, our knowledge (and tools, code, and everything else), so that other "competing" ecosystems may learn with the SEEDS ecosystem together, as our only actual competition is the degenerative economic systems we were all born into.

Our shared task is to make them obsolete by creating economic systems that are regenerative by design. SEEDS has been exploring one pathway to Regenerative Civilizations starting with permaculture, ecovillages, and regenerative food systems and moving into decentralised and regenerative financial, organization, and economic systems we take you on a journey through 11 years of learning.


Episode 2

Exploring tools designed from the ground up to help communities co-create regenerative, circular, & local economic, organizational, & governance systems on open-source and decentralized technology.

Or in other words, exploring the tools that provide the foundation to our "Minimum Viable Regenerative Civilization". We can use these tools to opt-out of the dominant and degenerative economic systems and explore creating and discovering alternatives together. OPEN SOURCE TOOLS

  • Community currencies

  • Regenerative economic and financial system tools

  • Digital and decentralised marketplaces

  • DAO - Coordination and organisation toolset (Issue tokens, badges, roles and more) though we call them DHO's - H for human - more on that later :)

  • And more


Episode 3

Exploring how we opt-into a Regenerative Economy:

  • how the tools of Ep. 2 act as a "minimum viable regenerative economy",

  • the SEEDS Economic System,

  • how the SEEDS Commons works to distribute 'working capital' to the ecosystem to scale and coordinate our regenerative projects and global transition,

  • the basics of contributing, tokens, and more,

  • and introduces the foundations of regenerative economic systems and regenerative communities.


Episode 4

Exploring the question "How can we practically coordinate the systemic regeneration of our earth?" The last 3 episodes explored our journey, tools, and basics for a "Minimum Viable Regenerative Economy".

This episode explores how can we use these tools to support our global transition to Regenerative Civilizations, Cultures, Communities and beyond. This introduces where ReGen Civics fits into the SEEDS ecosystem and how ReGen Civics has available a decentralized economic system that was custom designed specifically for the "Regenerative Renaissance".


Topic Specific Episodes

Bioregional Economies and Currencies

Making it simple: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, & Trust

Regenerative Organization Design

Regenerative Money & Economic System Design

Regen Civics

Here we beging to branch into several different journey's and pathways of various ways to explore and co-create in the Regenerative Renaissance.


[Video] Co-Creating a Regenerative Organization Pathway - for those looking to start a new type of organization using a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Orgnanisation) or DHO (Decentralised Human/Holonic Organisation)

[Video] ReGen Civics Alliance Pathway - for those seeking to set up, or help others set up, a land-based Regenerative Economic system

Local Regenerative and Life-Giving Food Economy Pathway (under construction)

Bioregional Campus and Circular Economy Pathway (under construction)

More coming soon!

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