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The ReGenerative Renaissance

Stewarding the more beautiful worlds our hearts know are possible. An alliance of global organizations' helping us co-create regenerative social and economic systems.
This is not a Citizen Governed resource and is subject to change without a vote or referendum.
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This space is maintained by the Regenerative Civics Alliance


Welcome to ReGen Civics, an alliance of organizations helping communities launch "Infinite Games to co-create Regenerative Societies" using "Web3 Tools" such as: - DAOs (new organisational and coordination structures), - Tokens (new financial and information systems), - & novel forms of coordination like "Gratitude" and "Seasons", To playfully coordinate "ReGenerative Economic Systems", “Bioregional Economies”, "Eco-Villages", and “Solarpunk cities”, and more.
Get Connected Click👆 if you'd like to apply to join the alliance as a project or organization, contribute capital (money, land, etc) or participate in any way.
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Season 0 Episodes Click👆 to explore the formation of ReGen Civics
Season 1 Episodes Click👆 to explore first season supporting 13 land-based projects
ReGen Civics DAO/DHO Click👆 to explore our DAO where ReGen Civics Members make decisions, distribute tokens, and govern the Alliance
ReGen Civics Tokenomics Litepaper Click👆 to explore the details of the Alliance, how the $RCivics token operates, how new members earn tokens, how the Alliance distributes resources throughout our Regenerative Renaissance, and more
Notion & Collaboration Space Click👆 for the most structured collaboration space (for existing ReGen Civics Members)
Miro Board & Mapping Our Learning Journey Click👆 to explore an ever evolving map designed for ReGen Projects to discover and design their unique economic, organizational, and governance systems.

A growing alliance of organizations...

Supporting 13+ land-based ReGenerative projects each Season...

Co-creating a global network of regional and bioregional ReGenerative Civics projects... Such as:
  • Community Gardens & Local Food Economies;
  • Solarpunk Cities, Regenerative Villages & Collaborative Co-Housing;
  • Learning Labs, Regenerative Demonstration Hubs, Retreats, and more... re-imagine how humans can come together and coordinate meeting ours and our Earths needs (since English requires we mention them both, Ours and our Earth's needs, as if they're separate) and to practically prototype culturally diverse alternative economic systems. Which for many reasons we call "Infinite Games", or just Games :)



Regen Civics' role in the Regenerative Renaissance

Economic systems are the single most powerful tools that humanity has ever created. They have the ability to coordinate billions of humans around shared purpose. They provide us the ability to literally move mountains, solve or create global climate catastrophes, transform our earth into heaven or hell, and help make humanity a multi-planetary species, among many more achievements.
Unfortunately, our dominant economic systems are no longer fit for purpose, as critical design flaws (such as incentives to create waste/pollution and incentives to create addicts out of humans) are increasingly degenerating the well-being (and livability) of Earth, our home, and decimating the incredible diversity of life we're still fortunate to share Her with.

The ReGenerative Renaissance is a global movement to practically and prosperously co-create a diversity of thriving social and economic systems that are designed for the well-being of people and planet.
We do this through decentralised, agile, joyful, and cooperative experimentation as we discover new patterns that are designed to be systemically regenerative. Patterns that can help us evolve beyond many of the design flaws in our current economic systems that are degenerating our planet. As we find these patterns we create templates that can ease the process for those that come after us.
One primary role of ReGen Civics is to create templates, tools, and resources to support the transition process for groups building new social, organisational, and economic systems.

Claiming our Freedom to Regenerate

Our task is to co-create economic systems that are designed to help us reclaim and expand upon our "3 Primordial Freedoms" as described by David Graeber and David Wengrow in The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity:
  1. 1.
    The Freedom to move across Earth.
  2. 2.
    The Freedom to disobey.
  3. 3.
    The Freedom to negotiate unique social relationships.

The Freedom to move across Earth.

  • We're co-creating an interoperable global network of ReGen Civics projects: Cooperative housing, regenerative eco-villages, local food economies, purpose driven decentralized organizations, NeighbourGoods, and more - for people to freely (using tokens to track and move contributions) move between and contribute to multiple projects and communities (providing more economic stability, community, meaning, diversity, and purpose).
  • The freedom to create multigenerational relationships with a region on our Earth and to not be coerced to travel at all (for those who are already indigenous or seeking to become so) by providing projects that secure stewardship over regions of our Earth - creating a growing patchwork of networked regenerative communities. Projects offer residency/ownership options through time contributions; opening the doors to anyone willing to offer their time to help make this happen to have the ability to steward a spot of Earth to call theirs, and participate in our global Regenerative Renaissance.

The Freedom to disobey.

  • By reducing barriers to change organizations, villages, projects, or work/life situations we expand our freedoms to say no to situations that are no longer serving us and more easily move to situations that could better meet our needs.

The Freedom to negotiate unique social relationships.

  • Many of us can agree that our current systems are no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining harmony with ourselves and our earth. This is where our real efforts take root. Through providing the tools, templates, and resources for us to co-create a wide diversity of alternative social (governance, financial, organizational & economic) systems. So, we need to prototype, test and, rapidly iterate on a growing diversity of alternatives. Diversity is also mandatory for resiliency so no 1 economic/social system failure can cause a global catastrophe (as is the case in the 2020's with a shrinking monopolistic and monolithic financial & economic system).
While advocating for greater primordial freedoms for humanity and building systems that may better provide these freedoms is a great place to start. We also need to ensure our economic systems are "regenerative by design" as Kate Raworth of Doughnut Economics so eloquently details - and as indigenous communities have been pleading for millennia. Because, for these new social experiments to survive and have any meaning at all, we need to collectively discover how to be generative stewards of Earth and reverse our many crises. For a broader understanding of what we mean by Regeneration and "Regenerative Cultures, Communities, and Civilizations" enjoy the series below.

Stewardship with Earth

This Alliance offers support for a wide and growing diversity of land and community-based projects in creating unique regenerative economic systems all aimed at exploring a few questions:

  • How do we bring our communities and land back into common stewardship and ecological harmony? 

  • How do we best pool our shared resources (all 9+ forms of capital) to meet our shared needs (beyond physical needs to include emotional, spiritual, and mental)? Like creating a business with the express purpose of meeting the diverse needs of the employees.
  • What does it mean to be socially and ecologically regenerative and how can we get there together?

How do we accelerate our global process towards co-creating systemically regenerative economies to reverse the global trend towards ecosystem collapse and pollution?
  • How do we create a world where every member of the community is in direct (should they choose) co-creation of their own local governance and economic systems and enshrine the "right to exit" to secure personal freedoms and immunize ourselves from tyranny?

  • How do we restore the commons so that we can increase our collective quality of life (through providing access) while reducing waste?

For those who no longer are, how do we become indigenous once again? What does being indigenous mean to our community?
  • What cultures, customs, and systems can we co-create to help us repair our relationship with Earth and the rest of non-human life we share her with?
There's going to be a diversity of answers to these questions. This diversity is what creates the marvelous forest of unique cultures and approaches amongst each Village and Regenerative Civics project.
As diversity grows every human is able to find (and/or co-create) a social system (economics, governance, etc) that's aligned with our values and life purpose.
If we don't have the fundamental freedom to chose which economic systems we want to participate in, and a direct voice in governing them, then we don't have one of our most basic freedoms.

"Web3", "Tokens", DAO's", and "DHO's" OH MY!

If you're not familiar with any of the terms above. Not to worry, we explore all of these tools and terms each Season. Feel free to explore Season 1 to gain a better understanding. In short, they're tools that we can use to create our own trustworthy, secure, transparent, and democratic economic systems.
"Crowd Pooling" is when new or existing communities combine, or pool, a variety of the resources, capital, tools, land, money, cars, etc they have together in order to achieve a shared purpose. This is contrasted to "Crowd Funding" that's just focused on raising money to fund a project. Instead of just relying on money, we can create our own forms of money to recognize the various contributions to our projects- such as land, equipment, expertise, labor, etc.
Tokens (and other tools of "Web3") help us equitably track these various contributions to ensure that all contributors are democratically recognized for their contributions and in doing so we can create circular and regenerative economic systems.
Video above goes over an ecovillage using this process to pool all the resources they need to start their project.
A note on what technology we use:
The Regen Civics Alliance is a tool and 'decentralized database' agnostic ecosystem. Meaning, we don't prioritize any 1 blockchain, or organization's toolset over any other. We're not here to sell products, we're here to co-create regenerative cultures using the best tools available. Any open-source, transparent, and equitable tool helping ReGenerative Communities coordinate and co-create a more beautiful world is welcomed and encouraged to weave into the Alliance! Currently we're creating with (or intend to/have created with) the following decentralized database ecosystems where we build our Organizations, Tokens, Projects, DAOs/DHOs on or with (in alphabetical order): Celo, Closer, Cohere, Ethereum, Filecoin (IPFS), Gnosis Chain, Hashed Chain, Holo/Holochain, Hypha, Octopus, Open Impact, Polygon, Regen Network, SEEDS, Telos, 3Fold, and more.