Basic Economics & Crowdpooling

Step 2 & 3

Designing the foundations to the Economy

The team starts off by designing what their token model looks like. Below is an example.

Token Utility

Each token is equal to a 1 night stay at the property. It's value is backed by the entire value of the property (land, resort, etc)โ€จโ€จ.

Setting Crowdpool targets

The team budgeted for the resort, the nearby land for regeneration/food forests, and a 1 year treasury for ~2k ETH/20mm Seeds as the minimum they would need to succeed.

150 resort rooms gives 54.7k night stays a year that the project could consume (at full capacity) and they use this to determine how many tokens they initially sold; so as to only sell out rooms in advance of the runway they raised for.

So, the team will issue 54.7k - 273.5k tokens depending on if they reach their softcap (1 year runway) or hardcap (5 year runway).

Financial Softcap

This minimum became their "Softcap" (a minimum value that is required to be reached from the CrowdPool to succeed, otherwise all capital is returned to contributors). Token is only generated and issued if the project reaches its Softcap.โ€จโ€จ

Financial Hardcap

They set a 4k ETH/40mm Seeds Hardcap (a maximum value that is able to be contributed before the crowdpool completes) which would give them a 5yr treasury and runway over 1 yr (and they would pre-sale night stays for the next 5yrs as well) as the maximum they would take in.

This also sets the maximum number of tokens that can be created by the CrowdPool.โ€จโ€จโ€จโ€จโ€จ

Contribution pooling

This way not only is the project raising financial capital - they're also raising the human, experience, material, etc capital required to succeed as well before they begin.

They determine that they need 20 roles for their "Softcap", which is the minimum team needed to execute the roadmap.

Token value

Base Value

The Village tokens' Base Value is the total value of the land/assets owned by the DAO. โ€จโ€จ

Market Value

The market value is equal to a night's stay at the resort. For every night contributing members stay they must burn 1 Village token, which can be part of the tokens they are earning for contributing, or they must buy them.

The team knows that at any moment they can use decentralized governance to alter the price of a day's stay should the token value grow too high.

For ease they use the Hypha DHO village-maker tools to create and launch their token.

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