Winding Down: What happens if a project needs to close?


If project is unsuccessful the members of the DAO/DHO may vote to dissolve the project, then all assets will be put up to sale and proceeds will be split proportionally to all token holders.

This backing is what provides the base value of the token.

A goal of our ecosystem would be to collaborate together so that we have as few failures as necessary, and that we're able to absorb the capital (people and otherwise) of failed projects into the rest of the ecosystem.

Eroding the concept of "startup village failure"

Further, we can explore getting rid of the concept of "failure" within our ecosystem. If we're collaborating enough we can:

  • learn from the pitfalls of "failed" projects and share this information so others can avoid;

  • composability of tools so that members of closed projects can more easily be absorbed into other projects;

  • This is a primary reason for building open-source so that we can move beyond the concept of failure.

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