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Alliance Overview

Together we're prototyping and incubating Regenerative Communities, Cultures, Economies, and Civilizations
Apply to join Click here if you'd like to join a project or alliance organization, apply to join the alliance as a project or organization, contribute capital (money, land, etc) or participate in any way.

Alliance Overview for Projects

The Regenerative Civics Alliance is a global decentralized alliance of organizations and place-based pilot projects focused on supporting our global transition to regenerative cultures.
Latest map of Projects by Alliance Member Desa

Projects receive:

  • A free cutting-edge platform for projects to develop their own currency, governance systems, and economy;
  • Peer regenerative development support with co-creating circular and regenerative economies and social systems;
  • Pro bono legal advisement & templates on how to transition from private to community ownership;
  • Pro bono decentralized financing advisement & templates;
  • Decentralized fundraising support;
  • Access to an international funding pool;
  • A shared “CrowdPooling” and crowdfunding campaign;
  • Shared storytelling and marketing for crowdfunding and "crowd pooling (more than just money)” efforts;
  • Inclusion in the "Regenerative Civics Projects Index" and having your project’s token represented.

Explore deck below to see some of the alliance organisations:

Explore deck to see how we coordinate:

13 place-based regenerative projects comprise each "ReGen Year".

The Seasons above don't necessarily coincide with earthly seasons. See here for more on Season.
Starting in a "Winter Season" projects go on a shared journey as we help them:
  • Create DAO’s and DHO’s: Decentralized, transparent, cryptographically secure, and direct governance structures;
  • Create new economic models: as a way for communities to coordinate and align incentives by creating new currencies, tokens, marketplaces, and more;
  • Create new organization structures: as a way for communities to redesign how they achieve purpose, creating circles, roles, badges, policies and more;
  • Navigate the traditional legal landscape to connect their DAO or DHO to an appropriate legal entity;
    • Convert their land ownership models from private to community owned via trusts;
    • Utilizing the UNA or 508 legal frameworks;
    • and other legal forms we may discover on our journey.
  • Draft their ‘project guide’ that assists new members in orienting to and joining their projects.
Starting in a "Spring Season" projects go on a shared journey as we help them:
  • “Crowdpool” all 9+ forms of capital (helping communities unlock their full potential) so projects may heavily reduce the amount of money needed to thrive;
  • Create NFTs, tokenized-art, and other novel forms of raising capital while creating regenerative economic flows;
Starting in a "Summer Season" projects go on a shared journey as we help them:
  • Launch their "ReGen Festivals" as we provide support for infrastructure & permaculture development via festivals that recruit hands-on engagement;
Starting in a "Fall Season" projects go on a shared journey as we help them:
  • Launch their "ReGen Harvest" where they can pass on their wisdom to other projects and communities who want to launch a similar project to theirs and ally with them. This is how 1 successful ReGen Civics project can share it's learnings and become an incubator for more projects (this may or may not be a paid service offered by each project).

Then we do it all over again with 13 new projects!

Explore the following episode for an overview of the program.
Ep. 4: COORDINATING REGENERATION - Journey to ReGen Civilizations Series

Alliance Overview for Organizations

  • Seeking low cognitive and time demand Designed to request the minimum time from each member organization to optimally coordinate across the ecosystem.
  • Shared fundraising As an alliance of organizations we can approach low-risk tolerant institutional investors seeking to "invest in systems change" to fund the alliance as a whole opposed to each member org dedicating unique time and resources to fundraising.
  • Shared storytelling As an alliance of organizations our narrative and storytelling is more complete - as its not feasible for any one of our organizations to create the systemic impact we're moving towards which provides more trust in our ability to succeed.
  • Initial governance Governance activities take place once a quarter.
    • For changing governance, referendums, or policies and accepting new members into the alliance.
      • Each Council Member has 1 vote.
      • Proposals require 90% support and 30% participation to pass.
    • For distributing our shared treasury across member organizations
      • Member organizations may each present a funding request during the quarterly governance council.
      • Each Council Member creates their ideal budget on how to distribute funds to all member orgs.
      • All suggestions are equally aggregated to create the final distribution of alliance funding. Organizations could risk losing their membership should enough other members find their suggestions too extreme, self-serving, or ungrounded.
Tool for Council Members to collectively aggregate a shared budget. Member Organizations may request an explicit percentage of the overall treasury to fund their operations and mission. Members fill out the orange area and the standard deviation helps us know if there are incoherencies with our budgeting.
  • Initial economics
    • If and when the Alliance invests into a Member Organization then tokens/shares from the member org are transferred to the Alliance itself (governed by the council members).
    • Through this process the Alliance gains a growing share of each member organization. This effectively creates an "index fund for regenerative and systemic change projects" where investing into the Alliance is akin to investing into an alternative civilization model.
  • Regen Civics Operations - 10% (or a fixed value) of all funds received
    • Roles may exist directly within the Alliance that are focused on supporting the Alliance and all Member Organizations by pursuing:
    • High impact fundraising opportunities (institutional investors interested in systemic regeneration).
    • Storytelling for the whole Alliance and showcasing all the various projects our Alliance is supporting.
  • Legal entity as a service
    • The alliance may establish multiple legal entities (Trusts, Charities, Ministries, & Corporations) as needed that provide a container for projects to leverage (so they don't have to create their own legal entities should they not want to).

Regen Civics Map


Alliance Assembly Catalyst Sessions

All the episodes leading up to the start of Season 1 where we formed the foundations to Regen Civics
Episode 0 Season 1 - Selection process and project pitch
Episode 9 - Project selection criteria and process
Episode 8 - Exploring our selection criteria for the first Regen Civics projects
Episode 7 - Part 1 of 3 facilitated sessions on co-creating our alliance structure, creating our shared purpose, organization structure, governance structure, circular leadership, and more - helpful for any group who's just forming and needing direction on how to organize.
Episode 6 Discussing how to contribute to the alliance - the overall structure and next steps for setting up the official alliance structure
Episode 5 Discussing art, NFT's, and Village fundraising
Episode 4 Discussing the governance and economic model of the Alliance - highly recommended.
This session is joined by Sydney, Will, Marc, Neil, Julia, T-Rex, Lucien, Stephen, Marcus, Virginia and Rieki.

Founding Conversations

  • Get to know the other projects and people of RCI to get an understanding of who we are, how we're each approaching this, and the pieces we're all bringing.
  • We ask all prospective alliances to watch a few of these recordings so that we don't need to continually repeat any of these foundational conversations (saving us countless hours in coordination costs) as each new member gets caught up.
  • Helps every new founder and member hear the same initial conversations so we all start from the same foundational goals, visions, and purpose.

Moral Imagining how we can have a United Planet through Seeding Regenerative Villages

Intro call with Rieki, Lucien, Phoebe & Anneloes: Grounded the vision and a good sense of the overall purpose

Regen Civics Open Sessions history

Founding calls where each core alliance partner shares who they are and what pieces they're bringing to Regenerative Civics and map out the full picture.

Episode 1 is joined by Sydney, Will, Stephen, Lucien, Franz, Rieki, and Neil.

Episode 2 is joined by Sydney, Will, Stephen, Marc, and Rieki.

Episode 3 is joined by Sydney, Will, Marc, Neil, Julia, Therese, Franz, Ben, Cripto, Lucien, and Rieki.

The Valhalla Runes and Templatizing Regenerative Village Models

The Global traction for the Regenerative Renaissance and initial Regenerative Projects

Intro call with Franz Allmayer of SEEDS and Hypha going over the global traction and various types of projects that Regen Civics Incubator is working with