United Planet

A Game to upgrade our future

The United Planet (UP) Game is a 2030 immersive reality where players create mythologies from the future.

We aim to turn regenerative planetary transformation into a sport by unleashing the collective intelligence and action of teams to accelerate solutions.

We can reverse engineer a thriving future

United Planet recognizes the narrative as the front line of cultural transformation. Millions of communities, organizations and cities around the world are already transforming but we have yet to develop a unifying narrative beyond the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Planet Game creates an immersive reality in 2030 where our collective mission has been achieved. We create opportunities to reverse engineer solutions and milestones. We start with where we wish to be.

UP Games facilitate teams to immerse into 2030 to remember solutions that contribute to a thriving society.

Each of the UNโ€™s Sustainable Development Goals are represented through the UP Games Planetary Leagues. Participating teams create stories from a future where we have realized the Global Goals.

A New World Game

The UP Game enables teams to swim downstream from the future rather than upstream from the present. We develop deeper trusted communities and financing opportunities for the coalitions of the future.

โ€œYou never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.โ€

Buckminster Fuller envisioned the best way to transition from what he described as weaponry to livingry is what he called the New World Game.

The UP Game is on a mission to deliver on Buckyโ€™s vision. We are creating an ecosystem that is part New World Fair, part New World Game, part New World Collective.


The United Planet is forming as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) ecosystem in order to support coalition teams to accelerate their impact. Each League will be launched as a DAO within the United Planet DAO. That way each League will be empowered to organize and finance around their collective vision. Our intention is to unleash the collective intelligence and collaboration opportunities using a decentralized community ecosystem.

We have partnered with Hypha to tokenize the prototype DAO. We will be launching a prototype community using Discord with the members belonging to the Hypha enabled United Planet DAO.

Financing the Future

A hypothesis of the UP Game is financing from the future is substantially more cost effective than financing incremental improvements in the present. We aim to enable teams within the United Planet to fundraise for the milestones they wish to achieve this decade.

Through the DAO we will enable teams to tokenize their future visions. Teams will then be able to use this capital to reward an ecosystem of talent to execute on the vision.

Our vision is to create a digital twin of the planet where anyone, anywhere can be initiated into their future self and join a team to transform their local community.

Stars: A Planetary Currency

Stars are the future of money in the UP Game. Think of them as $ of the future. Stars can used for coalitions to finance outcomes. Stars thereby enables anyone to finance the futures they wish to see. The distribution of Stars will be gamified to incentive cooperation on shared outcomes.

United Planet has an initial treasury of 14.4 Million Stars. Each Planetary League has a budget of 600,000 Stars in order to finance to creation of the Coalition Community and UP Game.

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