Regen Civics is an emergence and it's needing to be owned/governed by the projects and alliances in an equitable and fair way.


  1. Founders (Those building the foundations of Regen Civics)

  2. Alliance Contributor (The member representing an alliance and contributing to the season's success)

  3. Project Coordinator (member representing one of the 13 projects - TBD how many from each project)

  4. Season Coordination core team member (each season has a team of Facilitators ensuring success)

At the following commitment levels

  1. Side Gig (20%)

  2. Half Life (50%)

  3. Full Love (80%)

With a fixed yearly salary for all roles ($ number TBD).

With the following standing quests:

  1. Session attendance

  2. Note taker

  3. Film maker

  4. Alliance Builder (for those who facilitate a successful new alliance)

  5. Seasonal Session Facilitator (for members who host one of the chosen seasonal sessions for the 13 project).

  6. More to be co-created

All of this, of course, is up for evolution ๐Ÿงฌ this is a proposal to start the conversation and get things moving.

-- Alliance = An organisation/group/person who's 'helping' projects thrive

Project = An organisation/group who's running a specific land-based regen civics project


Alliance builder = the act of helping bring in additional alliance organisations to support projects.

The season coordination core team will choose which sessions to hold during any given season.

This core team is chosen by all members for the next season at the end of the previous season (then it's up to this team to prepare and launch the next season).

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