The NYX (Proposed)



We would like to start with one house at a time.

Inception Phase: House 1 = 350 NFTs Proof of Concept for NFT Fractional Ownership of The NYX Village Activation of the DAO Register DAO as Legal Entity

Phase 1: The NYX House 2 - 5 = 350 NFTs Community Upgrade: Greenhouse - providing diversity and nutrients to the guest, increasing value to the rental unit.

Phase 2 The NYX House 5 - 15 = 3500 NFTs Community Upgrade: Event Stage - live performances and boiler room jungle parties with live stream

Phase 3 The NYX House 15 - 30 = 350 NFTs Community Upgrade: Jungle Rope Course - Ewok Swinging Bridges and Jungle Exploration Complex - Dojo

Celebrate Have a Festival For all NFT Holders and Plan to Build Another NYX on different Island.

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