Step 0: Start with Heart & Vision

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
-B. Fuller
Are you already stewarding an inspiring vision for a regenerative community, garden, project, Village, economy, town, local food system, retreat, etc... and now you're looking for some more resources to get started and some others to co-create with? 

Then this process is built to help you, help all of us, create a healthier, more cooperative, and more beautiful world!

Start with a Catalyst

Every project has a Catalyst role(s) who has an inspired vision for a regenerative project. RCI in collaboration with United Planet and Moral Imaginations works with Catalysts to find, hone, articulate, and prepare their vision for a regenerative project.
RCI also connects change-makers and those wishing to join projects with Catalysts in a process we call "crowd pooling the 10 forms of capital" where Catalysts identify all the roles and capital their project needs and people can browse all the projects to find one that is right for them.
After the project launches the 'Catalyst' role dissolves and passes leadership to a variety of roles in the DAO/DHO of the new organization.

Resources: Find/add support for this step below