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Timeline and the 3 Horizons

The 3 Horizons

One map we use is the "3 Horizons" where we have simultaneous aims for the short, medium, and long term.


  • 1st Horizon: A citizen-governed financial system
  • 2nd Horizon: A citizen-governed & regenerative economic system
  • 3rd Horizon: A Regenerative Civilization
What follows is a partial list of accomplishments, infrastructure, and tools that the SEEDS community has created. For a look into the tools available to our movement beyond SEEDS, see Ecosystem Maps.

1st Horizon (now)

A citizen-governed financial system providing new:

Maps, knowledge bases, and co-learning labs

  • Maps and Coordination tools
    • Gitbooks & Renaissance Knowledge Base
    • SEEDS Library
    • SEEDS Website
    • Recorded 300+ hours of foundational educational content
    • V1 SEEDS Guide
    • V1 SEEDS Economic Roadmap
    • SEEDS Discord
    • SEEDS Forum
  • Ambassador Academy (3+ full seasons)
  • Renaissance Explorers (40+ sessions)
  • Tools of the Regenerative Renaissance (2+ full seasons)

Financial tools and infrastructure

  • fee-free, simple, and instant payments (Light Wallet & Passport)
  • Seeds supply (how many Seeds are brought into circulation) is 100% governed by the Citizens (through which proposals we pass and who runs the SEEDS Commons)
  • better-than-free payments (integrated non-financial rewards for using Seeds)
    • financial rewards for using Seeds
  • high liquidity for Seeds (ability to buy & sell easily)
    • Seeds on Uniswap (Ethereum decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on TSwaps (Telos decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on Newdex (eosio decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on Seeds swap (SEEDS decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on Osmosis (Cosmos decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on TerraSwap (Terra/Luna decentralised exchange)
    • Seeds on Polkaswap (Polkadot decentralised exchange)
  • The Seed Bank (rewards for planting Seeds and providing liquidity on the SEEDS' decentralised exchange)

(App) SEEDS Light Wallet

  • social key recovery (giving folks the freedom to lose their keys and have family/friends recover their acct)
  • easeful voting on proposals
  • trust/vote delegation (select other Citizens to vote for you)
  • multiple tokens (hold, receive, send any of your Seeds, DHO tokens, Village tokens or other SEEDS tokens)
  • QR code payments for merchants and simplified merchant portal (to accept payments)
  • simple invite (from invite to app in <60 seconds)
  • decentralized & secure peer-to-peer swapping
  • sign your DHO Governance proposals, decentralised exchange swaps, and more with the wallet

(App) SEEDS Global Passport

  • Social forum for engaging and connecting
  • Social forum integrated with our decentralized governance, so proposals show the dialogue to voters
  • Multiple voting styles for ease of participation
  • Campaign and invite management systems
  • Decentralised governance for:
    • Campaigns
    • Alliances
    • Referendums
    • SEEDS Commons
    • Automated settings' changes (update the protocol with no middleman or action after-the-vote required)

Integrations & tools

  • QR code to accept Seeds payments on your website/email
  • QR code to invite community on your website/email
  • Seed Swaps: decentralised exchange
  • Peer Swaps: peer-to-peer central bank money to Seeds swaps
  • Ecosystem Dashboard
  • Economic Simulator
  • Control panel for governing invite lists (for communities who want to invite and send Seeds to 100's+ people at the same time)

SEEDS Financial & Economic Protocols

  • Full decentralisation of all active SEEDS contracts
  • [80%] Build and fully decentralize the entire SEEDS 1.0 economic system as detailed in the SEEDS Guide (changes can ONLY occur through governance)
    • Automated existing settings' changes (where Citizens may update the protocol with no middleman or action after-the-vote required, as long as it's only changing the value of a setting, not adding/removing code)
    • Harvest protocols
    • Contribution Score protocols
    • Unplanting & Planting
    • Personal, organisational, regional, and system accounts
  • Protocol Audit
    • Smart contracts
    • Economic model
  • Constitutional Guardians (an elected council who is given limited authority to pause protocols & changes)

Ratified Agreements

  • Initial Token Allocation and Economics
  • Constitution

2nd horizon (next)

A citizen-governed & regenerative economic system providing new:

Operational tools & infrastructure

  • SEEDS Commons DHO launched (group who coordinates the contributions across the SEEDS ecosystem and governs the communities sale of Seeds)
    • Hypha DHO
    • Samara Trust
    • DHO Tell
    • Permatours DHO
    • MoM DHO
    • Star DHO
    • ?
  • Renaissance Explorers DHO launched (group that focuses on the evolution of the SEEDS Economic protocols, making proposals, overseeing developing new code, etc)

Economic tools & infrastructure

  • Gratitude (a tool for more equitably distributing value)
  • Integrating SEEDS into allied marketplaces:
    • Localscale payments integration
    • Localscale full integration
      • Launching regions in Localscale
      • Creating circular economic systems in Localscale
    • Shareitt payments integration
  • [80%] Rainbow Seeds (local communities to create their own currencies backed by Seeds and their own treasury)
  • [50%] The Game of SEEDS (an open-source and global game for regenerators)
  • Circular & Regional Economy template and tools
  • Local Food Economy template and tools
  • Reversing planned obsolescence
  • Gift-economy API and marketplace
  • Sustainable, Regenerative, and Thriving Organization badges (to identify and reward organizations who become more regenerative)

Financial tools and infrastructure

  • Steady state financial system (Seeds supply fluctuates with demand)
  • Seigniorage (new Seeds) auto directed towards regenerative contributions
  • Peer Swaps and Nimbus integration - for instant and decentralised peer-to-peer trading of local/national currencies for Seeds.

Physical infrastructure

  • Regenerative village incubator / transition centers
  • Regenerative Villages
  • Exploring & experimenting with regional ecological economics (a lot of time spent on the meta narrative, designing the game)

Ratified Agreements

  • SEEDS Economic Guide
  • SEEDS Commons
  • SEEDS Seasons

3rd horizon (our future)

A citizen-governed & regenerative civilization providing new:
  • Unknown, we're using decentralized governance to co-create this horizon together.
  • A future global civilization comprising of a vast diversity of regional cultures. Where similar valued groups band together to emphasize their values and every human is able to find or create a community to meet their needs that shares their core values.