Timeline and the 3 Horizons

The 3 Horizons

One map we use is the "3 Horizons" where we have simultaneous aims for the short, medium, and long term.


  • 1st Horizon: A citizen-governed financial system

  • 2nd Horizon: A citizen-governed & regenerative economic system

  • 3rd Horizon: A Regenerative Civilization

What follows is a partial list of accomplishments, infrastructure, and tools that the SEEDS community has created. For a look into the tools available to our movement beyond SEEDS, see Ecosystem Maps.

1st Horizon (now)

A citizen-governed financial system providing new:

Maps, knowledge bases, and co-learning labs

Financial tools and infrastructure

(App) SEEDS Light Wallet

(App) SEEDS Global Passport

Integrations & tools

SEEDS Financial & Economic Protocols

Ratified Agreements

2nd horizon (next)

A citizen-governed & regenerative economic system providing new:

Operational tools & infrastructure

Economic tools & infrastructure

Financial tools and infrastructure

Physical infrastructure

Ratified Agreements

3rd horizon (our future)

A citizen-governed & regenerative civilization providing new:

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