Sustainable Technology

We can't build a regenerative economic system on degenerative technology.

SEEDS itself is not a blockchain

The blockchain is just one of the tools used by the SEEDS community to store data in a fraud-resistant and transparent way.

If better technology to secure information in a fraud-resistant way where members are able to directly govern and evolve these systems then our community is encouraged to adopt more regenerative technologies as they become available.

With this logic, SEEDS doesn't run it's own Blockchain. Instead SEEDS exists on a few blockchains, predominantly Telos.

This means that SEEDS:

  • is not directly contributing to an increase in energy and material use (the physical infrastructure) required to run a unique blockchain and only adds a margin representative of the actual actions processed within SEEDS.

  • does not have recurring marginal costs for maintaining our database (such as Bitcoin which spends more than $10B USD a year to maintain the blockchain). Which means that there isn't a minimum number of Seeds that have to be bought each year in order to maintain the price to cover this expense (as is the case with every token that secures a blockchain). Instead the SEEDS economy only needs to buy and stake more TLOS (on the Telos network) should our economy grow to require more bandwidth (actions per second). Which means there is only a cost if recurring demand increases, and SEEDS is able to use some of the value gained from this increase in demand to reserve additional bandwidth.

SEEDS is not Bitcoin

SEEDS builds on technology stacks that are ecologically intelligent and harmonious.

Bitcoin's footprint

Some cryptocurrency protocols, such as Bitcoin, receive a lot of bad press about their enormous energy consumption and this is the reason we didn't build on Bitcoin to begin with.

It's important to clarify that SEEDS does not use Proof of Work (PoW) or, "Proof of Waste" as we like to call it, protocols.

For those that don't know. It's PoW, not necessarily cryptocurrency or blockchain, that is responsible for the egregious energy consumption of Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, as it's this protocol that creates endless energy consumption and demand.

As of now, the majority of SEEDS protocols currently exist on Telos (it was chosen specifically for its focus on ESG (environment, sustainability, governance) and is extremely efficient as far as energy consumption and cost to maintain the decentralized network.

SEEDS is sequestering carbon (carbon negative)

SEEDS, as an ecosystem, has already sponsored and subsidized more tree planting in protected areas to drawdown our estimated carbon budget for several years, and we're just getting started!

Our goal of systemic regeneration will only come through carbon sequestration. This is a cornerstone of the SEEDS Economy.

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