Why are Seeds Valuable?

What gives Seeds utility? Why would people want to buy them? Some initial routes on what gives Seeds value.

Better money

However, the ecosystem is also bridging and consolidating. Once someone has been "onboarded into web 3" it's much easier for them to move around and find the community that best meets their needs. This is along the lines of what Vitalik Buterin shared, "the future is multichain" (and beyond blockchains).

A future with many ecosystems where communities who share similar values and aims can gather where its best for them. Where moving between one ecosystem and the next is increasingly fluid and flexible.

As all the current "competitors" for medium-of-exchange currencies (the various stable coins within web3) help grow the whole web3 ecosystem. Then they're helping people join the whole ecosystem where people can freely go where it's best for them. They may prefer to use a medium of exchange currency that's:

  • Cheaper (Seeds is free to use);

  • Faster (Seeds trade in <1 sec);

  • Sharing a common vision for the world;

  • governed transparently and directly by those who use it;

  • continually providing us more value as we continually evolve our economic system.

Crypto payment integration

QUEST Looking for members to run an "Finance Weavers" guild to oversee integrating Seeds in payment apps and decentralised exchanges.

Crypto payment tools are many. Members within SEEDS are free to add Seeds to any crypto payment options (see the SEEDS Commons about covering costs).

Once Seeds (that are free to use) are sitting next to options that cost (even if it's small), may see more use and adoption.

Ideal medium of exchange

On top of being free to spend. During the post Go-Live phase Seeds is stabilizing in purchasing power (not verses depreciating currencies like the Dollar) which is also making it more advantageous for people to want to be paid in a currency that's not giving them an automatic demotion each year.

Ideal unit of account

Seeds becomes a better tool to price our products and servicers in so that we don't have to continually spend our time adjusting and readjusting prices each year, becoming slaves to our calculators and spreadsheets (or worse, not making these changes and getting poorer each year).

This is how Seeds grows beyond go-live as the ideal medium of exchange and unit of account currency in a world full of tokens.

Rainbow Seeds & Constant Currencies

If more communities demand a value-stable and fee-free currency with an ecosystem of interoperability (wallets, etc) they can use - then this will increase demand for creating these regional currencies which will increase demand for Seeds.

The first communities (and regenerative communities) may get Seeds from an alliance from the Citizens in order to back their own currencies.

SEEDS Decentralised Exchanges

When villages, organizations, or other groups within the SEEDS ecosystem launch their own tokens (for a wide variety of reasons) they can list their token for trade using one of SEEDS Decentralized Exchanges. Seeds is the counter token in every "pool" on an exchange. A pool holds an equal value of 2 tokens. So, if you want to add 100 Euro/Seeds of your Village token to an exchange you'd need to have 100 in Seeds and an equal value of your village token to do so. This model ensure that those who are trading in any of these new tokens can always convert them back to Seeds. This means as more projects list their tokens and demand for these tokens grow, the demand for the secondary token (Seeds) grows with them.

This is a standard growth model for the many decentralised exchange tokens of web3.

Exchange fees (should we choose to add them) are split between those who added the tokens into the pool and the SEEDS community directly.

More to co-create

This renaissance is all about us coming together and creating a new story together. It's up to all the members of SEEDS to co-create new ways to build value together and create value for our shared ecosystem.

For example, if the Citizens decide we want our currency to take fees because we all prefer a rent-seeking model as we decided that was a more generative method to sustain a financial system, then we can do so.

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