5. Regenerative Economic System tools

Resources and tools for building new economic and social systems.
Here we find a variety of templates and resources for creating new economic systems.
For example
  • "Tools for Regenerative Economic Systems" - An overview of the tools offered within the SEEDS Economic system such as:
    • "SEEDS Gratitude" - Explore the Gratitude token. A tool and ongoing experiment within SEEDS to more joyfully and equitable distribute value, recognize contributions, and more within our community
    • "Rainbow Seeds" - Explore the Rainbow Seeds tool and how communities can use it to create their own community currencies

Yin and Yang tools: Economies in balance

QUEST Write and link articles expanding more on Yin and Yang currencies and economic tools. Learn about Quests here.

Ex. Yang Currencies

  • Seeds tokens (financial currency): A currency designed to keep low barriers of participation by behaving most like the money of the dominant economic systems people are used to (while removing the most degenerative components like usury, fees, and how new currency is distributed).
  • Voice tokens (governance currency): A non-exchangeable currency that's also designed to lower barriers of participation by behaving like direct democracy (voting) that's occasionally found within the dominant political systems. Where Citizens earn voice and use this currency to govern the evolution of SEEDS.

Ex. Yin Currencies

  • Contribution Points (financial & social currency): A tool for tracking and compensating a wide number of contributions to people, planet and our shared prosperity. Contribution Points and Scores are used to distribute common value (such as any new Seeds created) for rewarding contributions to the wellbeing of our economy and society.
  • Gratitude Acknowledgements (governance & social currency): A tool for crowdsourcing where value should flow throughout our economy and giving people a means of sharing value without losing value themselves (the opposite of what happens when you use yang currencies). Every Citizen and Resident is given Gratitude tokens at the start of each month - these tokens are only meaningful *after* they send them to someone else (just like giving a compliment, it doesn't work if you hold onto it).