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Helping you navigate the economy of SEEDS and the wider ecosystem of the "Regenerative Renaissance".

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  1. Mapping the Regenerative Renaissance Ecosystem

  2. Templates & Resources for Regenerative Action

    1. [Unofficial Guide] Local Food Economy (TBCC)

    2. [Unofficial Guide] Material Library and Circular Economy (TBCC)

    3. [Unofficial Guide] Renaissance Villages (TBCC)

  3. Regenerative Organizing Tools - DAOs, DHOs, and Organising as Organisms

    1. Libraries, Templates, and Resources for DHOs (Decentralised Human Organisms)

    2. [Unofficial Guide] Renaissance Seasons (TBCC)

  4. Regenerative Economy Tools - coordinating at scale

  5. Regenerative Culture Practices - Cocreating new cultures

    1. [Unofficial Guide] Regenerative Renaissance Film (TBCC)

    2. [Open Library] Land Regeneration and Compensation (TBCC) Suggestions by and for land stewards on how to implement the tools of the Regenerative Renaissance

  6. The SEEDS Commons - Take action and join one of the organisations within the movement

      1. [Active] Star DHO

      2. [Active] Renaissance Explorers

      3. [Active] Samara Trust

      4. [Active] DHO Tell

      5. [Active] Permatours DHO

      6. [Active] MoM (Movements of Movements) DHO

      7. [Inactive] Future Humans

Decoding the document logos

TBD - Badge Governed - Not defined

TBD - Open Library - Not defined

Governance of Spaces

Who has authority to edit each document type:

[Citizen Governed] = Changes to this document requires a successful referendum in the SEEDS Global Governance DAO (e.g. voting in the SEEDS Passport & Wallets).

[Badge Governed] = Changes to this document can only be made by a 'SEEDS Commons Editor' badge-holder.

[Open Library] = Changes to this document are open to anyone who wants to contribute. As long as they follow the existing templates provided or similar pattern, in order to maintain a coherent and effective information library. Change requests are governed by "SEEDS Commons Editor" badge-holders.

[Unofficial Guide] = additional resource provided by an individual or group within the ecosystem. Representing views of that individual or group and governed by them.


TBCC = To be co-created. As in, it's a work in progress and in the stage of integrating community wisdom and seeking additional contributors. If you want to get involved say so in a communication channel.

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