Pathway to a Regenerative Civilization Video Series

For those looking for the "1 series to watch" to gain a fuller understanding of SEEDS. Presented by SEEDS Map Maker, Rieki Cordon.

Episode 1 - Regenerative Renaissance

Episode 2 - Regenerative Economics

Episode 3 - Regenerative Organisations & Business

Episode 4 - Evolutionary Economics

Episode 5 - Regenerative Governance (Coming Soon)

Episode 6 - Organising as Organisms (Coming Soon)

Episode 7 - Tools for Transformation ← a quick overview of some of the tools offered by Hypha to support this Regenerative Renaissance

Episode 8 - Regenerative Civilization - Own the Change (Coming Soon)

Episode 9 - Regen Renaissance University (Coming Soon)

Episode 10 - Investing in a New Civilization (Index fund of Change-Makers) (Coming Soon)

Episode 11 - Regenerative Villages ← For ecovillages, intentional communities, retreats, game-b experiments, or any group of people looking to share and create value together

Episode 12 - The Evolution of Money ← Gold, Dollars, Bitcoin, & Seeds - explore the evolution of Money and how Seeds as a currency compares against these other tools

Episode 13 - The Crypto Revolution and the Regenerative Renaissance ← Explores SEEDS as a Regenerative Economic (REcon) system and how it compares to other crypto-economic protocols and currencies

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