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Gitbook ← You're here!
Use the Gitbook to share long-form and long-term guides, templates, handbooks, maps, policy changes, etc.
Such as or a template for communities to follow to use SEEDS to set up a local food-backed economic systems with these tools.
The Gitbooks is our 'user manual for the ecosystem'. The websites, socials, decks, videos, etc are all built by single organisations or individuals... Meaning, they're more limited perspectives of SEEDS.
We needed a shared source of truth to coordinate from.
Blockchain is fine for the economic stuff.
Discord is too chaotic, we needed a grounded, well curated, community Co-created, Regenerative Commons Compendium. Co-created by all of us and edited/curated by those voted in to hold those compensated roles by the community.
The curators roles are to keep it coherent and consistent for functionality.
The community's roles to provide the insights, wisdom, and resources. This too is compensated (link) as quests (link).
This Gitbook is an ongoing collaboration from anyone in SEEDS (anyone is able to make merge requests) and overtime it will continue to grow to contain the greater the truth of SEEDS, just as we did with our Ratified agreements; such as the Constitution, Guide and other founding documents.
Desktop screenshot of the overall SEEDS Knowledge Base

How to contribute?

Gitbook ← Follow this guide

The Library ← Articles, news, and media for the SEEDS movement
Use the Library to share long-form and long-term content, articles, updates, newsletters, opinion pieces, etc.
Such as an article on how one community is setting up local food systems with SEEDS.

How to contribute?

Library ← Follow this guide

Passport & Discourse Forums

Use the Passport and Forum for long-term content regarding projects, proposals, introductions, etc
Such as posting and discussing a proposal to evolve the SEEDS economic protocols. ← Web Passport
SEEDS Passport ← Mobile App Passport
The Passport is the most integrated way to communicate as forum posts and their discussions are integrated into governance proposals to keep information all in one place.
The Passport will serve as our long term immutable record of the evolution of our movement.

SEEDS Forum ← SEEDS Discourse Forum

How to contribute?

Get an invite to the Passport (if you don't already have an invite to SEEDS) by asking in the SEEDS Discord (below) and start posting.
The Discourse forum is open to all.

SEEDS Discord

Use Discord for day-to-day discussions, announcements, and short-term / short-form dialogue.
Discord... is Discord... It's messy and chaotic. Don't use Discord for sharing content that you don't want to get lost!
Check out this getting started with Discord guide.
SEEDS Discord ← Discord invite

How to contribute?

Join here, introduce yourself, and start co-creating!

Notion & Wiki

"I see Notion as the entrepreneurial, bottom up, creative, self organized, non-hierarchical, no approvals needed, laboratory, incubator, sandbox for creating, publishing, sharing SEEDS content created effortlessly without needing to learn new skills, from which pages can be selectively published to the Gitbook site." - Neil T. Notion (Be the Change Co-op)

How to contribute?

SEEDS Socials

For everything else!