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Various introductions to the Renaissance

Solarpunk & Regen Villages art movements

Providing a diversity of art and visions for what a Regenerative Civilization of ~10B people may look like. Solarpunk cities and Regen Villages is providing a visual esthetic of a regenerative civilization, what SEEDS is bringing is an opensource approach to provide the coordination infrastructure, economic systems, constitutions, governance systems, and general coordination tools (DAOs and DHOs) to actively transition into Regenerative Cultures.

An Initiation into Game B

18 minute animated short exploring "Game B"

What if we owned our financial system directly?

A 3.5 minute quick introduction to SEEDS Economy

Let's create our own "Global Green New Deal"!

A 24 minute overview for those completely new the Regenerative Renaissance

The Crypto Revolution and the Regenerative Renaissance

1 hour and 15 minute deep dive into the what a "Regenerative Economy" is and how it relates to other crypto projects and our dominant economic systems.

The relative theory of money

A 36 minute exploration on money and how we can design new economic systems that are more stable and equitable.

4-Pager on SEEDS

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