Why Seeds and what are they?


In short, buying Seeds right now is a way to support the SEEDS Commons work and gain a token of appreciation (the Seeds token) for your contribution which is also the currency within the SEEDS economy. If our efforts in creating a new economic system succeed - the Seeds currency will be the "Yang" currency within our economic system.

Reclaiming sovereignty of our money

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild (banking family)

Central Banks have been used as tools to usurp the power of democratic countries and concentrate that power towards those that run the banks and money supply.

Seeds is a financial tool designed to do the opposite - a new currency designed to redistribute wealth from these old systems into our new one by giving currency direct to contributors to the Regenerative Renaissance.

Where do Seeds come from?

  1. Earned Seeds from participating in a Campaign voted in by the Citizens of SEEDS The only other way to get Seeds is by earning them from running or participating in one of the Regenerative Campaigns (like planting trees, etc) being propsed, voted-on, and run by the Citizens of SEEDS.

Citizens are in full control

  • The Citizens decide who is part of the SEEDS Commons.

  • The Citizens decide which campaigns get funded (and how many new Seeds to bring in to circulation with the proposals that are funded).

Who benefits?

Bought Seeds from the SEEDS Sale?

The SEEDS Commons benefits from this as it helps to diversify the treasury the SEEDS Commons is using to compensate contributions to the Commons.

Bought Seeds from an exchange?

You and whoever you bought them from (as you both swapped for the token you were wanting). Exchanges are were people go to buy and sell their Seeds, and you'll likely not know who exactly you're buying Seeds from. When you buy Seeds from exchanges you're buying Seeds from someone else who earned Seeds from passing a governance proposal or they bought them. This supports the various missions we're funding within SEEDS using our decentralised governance systems.

Swap dollars for real change

When you buy Seeds you’re taking your money out of the central bank currency systems that are subsidizing, rewarding, and financing the destruction of our communities and planet (from over $5.4 TRILLION subsidizing oil and gas industries in a single year and over $8 TRILLION the US spent on warfare and empire building in the Middle East alone).

When we use those national currencies we’re saying “yes” to:

  • Bailing out banks and Wallstreet that gamble away people’s retirement funds and worse.

  • Extreme concentration of wealth. As debt and interest concentrates wealth and central bank money tends to go to the already wealthy with excessive government contracts, insider deals, and more.

  • giving our power to decide how we coordinate at scale over to those who control the existing monetary systems.

When you buy Seeds you’re:

1. Supporting change makers

When you trade your fiat for Seeds you're helping support the movement, supporting bioregions transitioning to regenerative agriculture, supporting artists and movement builders leading the “Regenerative Renaissance” as this fiat is used as a bridge to support their contributions until we're able to meet all our needs within SEEDS.

“So, buying Seeds is like donating to your favourite charity and buying into a more regenerative form of Bitcoin at the same time.” - Karen Hardison

You're supporting the transition to a Regenerative Civilization and putting your money in a more monetarily sound place.

2. Opting-into a new economic system

You’re voting with your money for a new economic system. The more value that leaves the fiat world into the SEEDS world, the more that people are voting "yes" to the regenerative economic systems we're creating here. When you swap your fiat for Seeds you’re helping create a bridge to a world where we will no longer need fiat to meet our needs.

3. Joining a financial system where you have a direct voice

SEEDS is decentralized, transparent and governed by the people! SEEDS restructures the financial incentives away from hoarding and degenerating our planet, to circulating the currency and regenerating our planet!

3. Obtaining a "better than free" currency"

There are no fees for using and transacting in Seeds. Further, using them can even earn you rewards! From the start you make an extra 3%+ revenue from your business as you’re no longer paying payment processing fees!

SEEDS are backed by our economy

Central bank currencies are no longer backed by gold or other assets but instead by the economies they facility.

The same is true for Seeds.

Seeds are “backed” by the utility and size of our network and economy.

In the early days this backing is fragile, which is why the price of each Seed starts off low to account for this risk and to reward those who come in early and help build more utility and grow the value of each Seed. As the economy matures and the risks reduce we may see this reflected in the price and liquidity (ability to buy and sell) of Seeds.

Just as the Euro is backed by the economies that accept the Euro. Seeds are backed by the people, businesses, movements, villages, and communities who use them. SEEDS is backed by all the change-makers who come together to decide to create regenerative economic systems.

Quick economic notes about Seeds:

  1. Seeds can serve as a hedge against failing fiat currencies which the USD is currently inflating (losing value) anywhere from 3.5-12%+ a year as central banks create trillions of dollars.

Explore the Seeds token allocation and economics guide for full details

Quick financial roadmap

  1. First phase: grassroots movement building Seeds is fixed in supply, more scarce than Bitcoin to serve as a better hedge against failing fiat currencies and reduce the risks that would come with starting off Seeds as a dynamic supply currency. This also means that if Seeds succeeds as a currency then we'll see a redistribution of wealth towards all the Regenerators who supported SEEDS early on (just as early contributors to Bitcoin).

  2. Second phase: a steady-state financial system Seeds evolves into a better-than-free, intrinsically stable and dynamic supply currency. A currency designed to maintain purchasing power and that gives control of any new currency directly to the people.

  3. Fourth phase: yet to be co-created

When you buy Seeds using central bank notes its a vote for this new system - when you sell Seeds its a vote for the old (recognizing we still need parts of the old system while we finish building alternatives).

When you buy Seeds you're not just investing in a product or service

You're joining in a new economy (same as when you swap Pesos to Euros) guided by passionate, purpose driven, and dedicated people who have an existential need to see this through.

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