Who governs our Knowledge Base?

Since we all carry our own biases and world view and none of them alone are "right" Citizens need to be able to govern who is curating their knowledge base.

So, in an effort for this knowledge base to most accurately reflect our shared values we:

  1. regularly contribute our wisdom and perspectives to this knowledge base.

  2. curate this space well by selecting candidates who we collectively believe are best suited to do so and represent our collective voice.

We govern authority for who curates this space using badges & roles in the SEEDS Commons DHO (decentralised organisation).

When a member holds the "Commons Curator" badge they have the authority to curate this space through making and accepting merge requests (anyone is able to make a merge request but only the Curators have the power to accept changes).

Until the SEEDS Commons DHO is fully launched; the interim Creators (those who accept/deny/modify edit requests) are:

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