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Recipe Book for a Regenerative Civilization

This 'Knowledge Base' serves as our co-created and open-sourced 'Recipe Book for a Regenerative Civilization', each space contains community created documents and libraries to help us coordinate.

11th Year in the Regenerative Renaissance Update


An evolving compass and recipe book

Welcome to the universe of SEEDS, what you see here is an ongoing effort to meet the community's demand for a map to navigate this new world.
Section 1 is our foundations and agreements. These are the official organizing patterns that we have collectively created and agreed to. They are evolved through decentralised governance in order to create coherence and shared agreements for our foundations.
Section 2 provides resources and maps to help us see more of the whole movement.
Section 3 provides resources for regenerative action to help those on-the-ground with systems change.
Section 4 provides resources for organising our groups and organisations.
Section 5 provides resources for coordinating at scale and building new economic systems.
Section 6 provides resources for regenerative living.
Section 7 explores the SEEDS Commons and how it functions as a coordination hub for our movement. Sections 2-6 contain "recipes" opposed to "rules" or "agreements" as they offer support, templates, resources, and guides to help us along our way. While section 1 and 7 are governed by the Citizens of SEEDS.
We can continue to map and track the templates, strategies, practices, and protocols that support us in living a more generative, purposeful, joyful, and regenerative life as we explore, map, and navigate this new world together.

This is Our Common Knowledge Base for mapping our journey to a Regenerative Civilization!

'Regenerative' means different things to different people in different contexts. As such, we endeavor to gain a better understanding of Regeneration (social, ecological, etc) through a synthesis of perspectives as patterns emerge when we learn together.
We co-create a clearer picture of what a 'Regenerative Civilization' looks like as we weave more perspectives from the diversity of organisations, actions, causes, and communities all striving to create The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.
We encourage you to contribute your wisdom and perspectives into the various spaces throughout our 'Knowledge Base' to make our story more complete.