7. The SEEDS Commons

Here you can find a list of the SEEDS Commons organizations and what role they're playing in our economy.

Members within SEEDS can explore these organizations to find ways to contribute and earn rewards for doing so.

The SEEDS Commons is an ongoing effort to redesign the role that nation states play in the stewardship of our commons.

You can learn more about how the SEEDS Commons operates here.

In short, Citizens decide which organizations are part of the 'SEEDS Commons' and these organizations govern the "SEEDS Sale" (when you buy Seeds from joinseeds.earth) and transparently use these funds to serve the Regenerative Renaissance and our shared commons in an infinite variety of ways.

Commons organizations can use this area to update the SEEDS Community with what they're doing and bringing to SEEDS and Citizens can use this area to inform their votes for membership to the SEEDS Commons.

An ecosystem of DAOs and DHOs

DAO's are Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and DHO's are Decentralised Holonic/Human Organisations.

They're 2 organisational tools employed within the SEEDS ecosystem to coordinate, distribute value, and make decisions in a fraud resistant, transparent, and secure way.

These groups can then propose to the Citizens of SEEDS to join the "SEEDS Commons" to earn renumeration for their contributions to our movement.

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