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How teams agree to assess and compensate each other for contributions.

How this helped: This has always been helpful to reduce conflict regarding pay as it is clear and explicit from the beginning.


Fixed Compensation

Compensation is defined up-front with clear deliverables and clear compensation.

This structure greatly reduces pay related conflict, however it increases coordination costs from needing to assess and assign value.


  • A proposal to create an app with ABC specifications for $50K. Delivery is binary and ABC is clear.

  • A role assignment to deliver ABC over a N period at a Y complexity level. Assignment is binary, members are either in a role or not and will receive the pay as long as they are in the role.

Suggested When

Teams want clear expectations of what they are meant to do and what they will receive for doing it.

Teams are willing to invest the time upfront to assess and define a value before starting a contribution to the community.

Known Pitfalls:

Requires a role who's either directly crafting (or helping other members craft) compensation packages, clear deliverables (OKRs), etc.

Requires defining a clear value for a delivery (such as $50k) which many find hard to calculate or obtain.

Hypha DHO Template:

Authored by Rieki Cordon, Hypha DHO

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