4. Organisation Tools (DAOs and DHOs)
DAO Strategies & Playbook (OPEN LIBRARY)
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The In & Out

Helping teams sync their productive time.
How this helped: It helped us avoid burnout when we tried to continually stay in a "expanding" phase for too long. When people were no longer on different phases than each-other our coordination costs decreased.


One Phase Expanding

For example one phase may be 2 weeks where teams are working externally:
  • a greater focus on the operations of the organization;
  • create new relationships, attend events, etc;
  • write and share code & articles, etc;
  • etc

One Phase Contracting

The contracting phase is of equal length and priority where teams work internally:
  • a greater focus to the people, purpose, and governance processes of the organization;
  • following through with existing relationships and build community;
  • gain feedback, sense needs;
  • design new features;
  • find inspiration;
  • rest;
  • etc.

Authored by Rieki Cordon, Hypha DHO