4. Organisation Tools (DAOs and DHOs)
DAO Strategies & Playbook (OPEN LIBRARY)
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The Rolling Hills

How teams give decision-making, authority and delegation abilities to other members.
Ideal for Maturing teams who are navigating the unknown in complex, fast changing and uncertain environments.


Members are at mixed levels of complexity with a variety of ad-hoc, flexible, and dynamic hierarchy structures that are clearly assigned through roles and circles.

Examples include:

  • Sociocracy, Holacracy and other self-governance structures
  • activist groups,
  • deliberately developmental communities,
  • etc.

Suggested When:

Teams have an extreme minority of members who know exactly what needs to get done, and a majority of members who prefer to be given clear direction.

Known Pitfalls:

Teams need to make space for governance and to hone their governance structures. This can often be seen as a distraction from the organization's purpose.

Hypha DHO Template:

Authored by Rieki Cordon, Hypha DHO