4. Organisation Tools (DAOs and DHOs)
DAO Strategies & Playbook (OPEN LIBRARY)
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Coordination Layers for DAOs

There are 3 major communication pieces for each organisation using a DAO/DHO structure to help members understand the organisation they are a part of. This book contains a collection of strategies.

DAO & DHO Guides

Low Adaptability

A condensed document containing only the most foundational agreements that are the least likely to change. This document, such as a constitution, are often mandatory agreements that need to be well understood in order to become a member of a DAO/DHO.
See the Hypha Guide (and feel free to copy) for an example.
Like the official rules of a sport.


Changes are infrequent and usually have wide-ranging impacts across the whole organization.
Like who controls the treasury and how.

Governance (high)

Changes require a vote from all members within a DAO/DHO to work.

Hand Books

Med Adaptability

A single source of truth elaborating on the culture and processes of a DAO/DHO that new members are encouraged to read to gain an effective understanding. See the Hypha Handbook (and feel free to copy) for an example.
Like the wide ranging diversity in culture, agreements, and styles of various teams playing a global sport.


Changes are frequent (especially in the early days) as the community co-creates its unique culture.
Like the employee handbook of a company.

Governance (med - high)

Some organizations give editing authority to a role or circle within the DAO/DHO that holds this domain. Others require a vote from all members to update this document.


High Adaptability

A document containing a collection of strategies and formations that teams may use. This book is one collection.
Like the various plays that teams practice and use during a game. The best teams are always creating and experimenting with new plays and formations.


Changes most often as the community experiments with various org. strategies and matures into new patterns.
Like using Agile, Holacratic, Sociocratic, etc coordination methodologies within a department of a company.

Governance (low - high)

Teams (circle, squad, etc) choose various strategies and how they decide which strategies to employ this would require only that team make the decision. However, when changing an organisation strategy (such as the authority pattern) it may require permission from the whole organization.