4. Organisation Tools (DAOs and DHOs)
DAO Strategies & Playbook (OPEN LIBRARY)
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The Open Seas

How teams give decision-making, authority and delegation abilities to other members.
Ideal for Teams who share an urgent goal and are unsure which authority structure to use and teams who are exploring the open seas of social innovation.


Intentionally undefined authority structures. This is often a temporary strategy (important to make this explicit if this is the case) as groups give space for a new structure to organically emerge before they map it.

Examples include:

  • mobs,
  • early days of Occupy Wallstreet,
  • fledgling DAOs and DHOs,
  • etc.

Suggested When:

When groups who are experimenting on the edges of social innovation are first getting together they want to first make explicit the lack of structure to then intentionally make space for a new structure to form within the group dynamic specific to the purpose of that group. This is the starting strategy to discover new organization strategies.

Known Pitfalls:

No structure cultivates tension and burnout.

Hypha DHO Template:

Authored by Rieki Cordon, Hypha DHO