DAO Strategies & Playbook (OPEN LIBRARY)
Authority Patterns - who wields power and how?
Governance Strategies - how do we make and scale decisions?
Compensation Strategies- how do we pay each other and govern resources?
Tension Processing - how do we deliberately develop through tensions?
Celebrations and Rituals- how do we create joy, meaning, and authentic community.
Systems of a DAO: Coordination Strategies
Strategies by DAOs and DHOs for DAOs and DHOs
[Open Library]
Anyone is able to contribute following this guide.
[Creator Domain]
This space is maintained by Hypha DHO.

This space serves as a unifying roadmap for coordinating creating a new economic system.

Welcome to the Renaissance!

This Renaissance is our time to explore new ways to redesign and regenerate how we coordinate at scale. DAOs and DHOs are some vehicles to help us do this.
Here you'll find a community generated library of "coordination strategies" that have been templated and indexed so that we can better learn successful coordination patterns from each other.
Within you'll find strategies and other processes for building community and regenerating our global economic systems.
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Welcome to the Renaissance!