Regional and global Seed banks

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Regional Seed Banks offers Members value:

  1. Low to no interest loans for regenerative and regional enterprises (like setting up local food networks).

  2. Purchasing assets to move into the Regional Commons (such as land for regenerative agriculture. Legacy ownership will require a corresponding legal entity to hold the assets).

  3. And more, Seed Banks are governed by the Citizens.

The Global Seed Bank offers Members value:

  1. It provides Members an ability to hold their appreciating crypto-assets while still gaining access to an optimal medium-of-exchange (Seeds) to make their regular purchases with (e.g. you could get a low interest Seeds loan by collateralising your organisations asset tokens).

  2. Supporting progressive market-making (value stabilisation) and liquidity (ability to trade in and out of Seeds) to Members.

  3. Conducting decentralised monetary policies (by increasing or decreasing fees/interest rates) to impact the circulating supply of Seeds towards outcomes determined beneficial by the Citizens.

  4. Using the Seed Bank treasury to purchase shared assets, networks, or other infrastructure for the SEEDS global community (like software).

  5. And more, Seed Banks are governed by the Citizens.

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