Contribution categories and types

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This tool offers Members an ability to consciously reprogram and decide what’s considered a “contribution” in our civilization and provide compensation, rewards, recognition, and more to Members for these contributions.


  1. Contributions are a way to move away from manipulation (direct incentives decided at the top of a pyramid designed to manipulate behavior) towards a more socially just and regenerative form of coordination.

  2. Contribution Categories offers Members a tool to create Indirect incentives (decided by the Citizens playing the game) to not manipulate themselves, but coordinate as a whole in a hive-like, archetype-like dynamic structure around tasks deemed valuable by the Members.

  3. Notice in the graphic above that the businesses (the gauge on the left) overall Contribution Score is “0” even though they have a high economic contribution, they aren’t contributing to people or the planet so their overall contribution is 0 (this provides an incentive for high-economic organizations to adopt practices that are better for people and planet).

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