Seeds’ Harvest & UEI (universal earned income)

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This tool provides Members with the ability to consciously and dynamically reprogram how we direct collective wealth.

This also gives Members the incredibly potent legacy game tool of money creation, and provides Members a way to redesign the net outcome of the creation of money (away from degeneration and the concentration of wealth towards regeneration and reversing inequality).

The aim with this tool is to equitably distribute value to Members, communities and organisations so that through contributing to the Regenerative Renaissance, all our needs (not just the basic ones) can be met. This becomes possible if we all agree that this is possible and opt-into the tools that make it so.

An evolution from the "Proof of Work" protocol of Bitcoin (where the only way to do "work" is through burning electricity and not the myriad of work our Regenerative Civilization requires (such as localising our food systems, cleaning up pollution, reforestation, and more)


  1. Bitcoin does this by directing wealth to miners, where they spend over $10B+ USD in value each year on electricity fees alone (before the hardware, housing, leasing, internet and other costs).

  2. Central Bank Notes redirect collective wealth to military contractors, banks, major corporations as bailouts, subsidizing destructive industries (oil, logging, industrial fishing, etc).

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