Evolutionary democracy systems

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These tools are maintained by the Hypha DHO. See the DHO tool above for more details.

Liquid Democracy

This ability allows Members to vote directly on proposals or to delegate their vote to other Members at will, to represent them in each category of governance. See Section 2 of the SEEDS Guide for more details.

See how you can delegate your voice/trust to another SEEDS Citizen using the SEEDS wallet.

Weighted Voting

This ability allows Members to quantify how much for or against a proposal they are. Opposed to the binary “yay or nay” of classical democracy, Members get to choose a range of options to express their perspectives (e.g. I’m 100% for this or 10% against this).

Multi-Option Voting

This ability allows Members to pick one of many options within a proposal. This tool helps crowd-source wisdom and find the most preferred outcomes.

Conviction Voting

This ability allows Members to vote on open-ended proposals and to withdraw these votes again at any time. A vote gains more weight over time if it remains assigned to the proposal, and once withdrawn loses weight gradually, similar to a bucket that slowly fills with water or drains water if there’s a small hole. Pioneered by Commons Stack.

More to Be Co-Created

We call our democracy "evolutionary" as Members are able to use their voice to continually and indefinitely improve our governance system.

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