Evolutionary economic systems

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Within SEEDS various rigid economic structures (capitalism, communism, etc) are broken down into their fundamental parts (markets, property rights, democracy, etc) where Members can choose which parts to adopt (or not) and where (over wholesale ideological dogma) unique to their own regions and cultures as we explore creating new economic systems.

This way we move beyond the artificially created limitations of our forebears’ ideologies into evolutionary economic systems that can consciously evolve as we learn how to best meet our changing needs.

Value Exchange and Coordination Tokens

Members gain access to a variety of “tokens” within SEEDS to track, exchange, and coordinate value flows.

Seeds Tokens

Seeds are a tool that looks and acts most similar to money from the legacy games. These characteristics were chosen to give Members a money tool similar to what they’re already used to, in order to start playing, contributing, building value and exchanging with each other more readily.

Rainbow Seeds

Rainbow Seeds are a variety of new community and regional tokens backed by a variety of assets, including Seeds, land, and the local economies in which they circulate.

Gratitude Tokens

Gratitude is a tool and exploration into radically redesigning how value is distributed. It’s a way to build gratitude into the foundation of our new culture. Gratitude helps Members sense, recognize and distribute value to other Members for contributions of all kinds to the wellbeing of our new civilizations and the people that comprise them.

More to Be Co-Created

We call our economy "evolutionary" as Members are able to use their voice to continually and indefinitely improve our economic system.

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