5. Economic Tools
Tools for Regenerative Economic Systems
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SEEDS Ecosystem Dashboard

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These tools are maintained by the Hypha DHO.

Tracking various pulses in our ecosystem

There's still a lot of ways we want to continue to improve this as we find ways to track meaningful insights.
Right now it's split into:
  1. 1.
    People - community size, gratitude flows, and governance insights
  2. 2.
    Planet - where campaign funding is going to support a diversity of Regenerative actions
  3. 3.
    Prosperity - finance and economic metrics


Quickly see upcoming milestones, voting cycles, the start of the next "Regenerative Roundtable", and readiness indicators for Economic Stability (referred to as "go live" even though most of SEEDS is already live).

View changes in membership within the SEEDS community

View governance indicators and progress

'Forum engagement' is not pulling in active information
View the flows of Gratitude within SEEDS, how many acknowledgements were given (example below shows 507 times people shared gratitude with others) and how many Seeds were given out (in the example below it is 54,600).
View current proposals that are up for vote
View the total amount of Seeds that were sent to fund various regenerative causes
View a variety of economic indicators