5. Economic Tools
Tools for Regenerative Economic Systems
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Global Passport

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This tool is maintained by the Hypha DHO.

The Global Passport offers a community-centric approach to SEEDS

The Passport comes with the following key features:
  • A forum section for earning reputation for sharing wisdom, proposing changes, discussing projects, and more.
  • A people section for connecting and meeting other Members.
  • An advanced governance section for crafting, and voting (using various methods) on proposals.
  • A ”Game of SEEDS” section for doing quests, earning Seeds and learning about this renaissance in a more joyful way!
  • A wallet section for all your economic actions.
  • And more.


Manage your money

[live screenshot]

Govern as a Citizen

[live screenshot]

Engage with other Regenerators

[live screenshot]

How to

QUEST! Update the videos for the latest version of the SEEDS Global Passport