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SEEDS Badges give various rights, abilities, and rewards to Members who hold them.

Badges help Members create new methods of acknowledging and distributing rights, information, and value.

The design space for badges is expansive and SEEDS offers Members the tools needed to create and issue such badges.


  1. Some regions in this new civilization may want to give 1st-time mothers and fathers a basic income for N year(s) so that they can focus on raising a healthy child. So, Members may create a ‘parent badge’ to issue to these new-parents that gives them various economic/governance rights over N time.

  2. Or, some regions may want to give an extra governance voice to indigenous elders and wisdom holders when it comes to making ecological decisions within that region. So, Members create a ‘eco-sight badge’ to issue to other Members who’ve demonstrated holistic ecological wisdom.

  3. Badges make all of this, and so much more, a tool within our economic systems.

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