Co-learning spaces

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These spaces are maintained by many organisations.

Spaces for co-creating and co-learning about this new landscape and Renaissance.

These spaces are designed to provide tiers of compensation to Members for taking an active role in researching, experimenting, movement building, knowledge sharing and more.

Members earn badges and often direct compensation for participating and contributing to these spaces and those badges may offer various rewards and rights to the badgeholders.

Ambassador Academy

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A place to help Members understand the basic fundamentals of the game and be prepared to set up pilots in their communities, organisations and more!

Renaissance Explorers

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A place for advanced Members who want to dive into the depths of this game. This is a space to tap into future possibilities, redesign our inner and outer landscapes, test models, experiment with new protocols, engage with the Citizens and propose evolutions to the game.

Renaissance U

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This space is maintained by Renaissance U

A place to explore all the other tools, ecosystems and projects that comprise the Regenerative Renaissance and how Members can engage with these other tools to create Regenerative Civilizations.

More spaces being Co-Created

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