Decentralized identity and reputation tools

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Members use decentralized identity tools such as SEEDS Web of Trust to build unique Member ID’s, without the need to rely on the legacy game identifications systems (Nation State ID, Passports, etc) to mitigate proxy (fake account) attacks.

This tool helps Members more equitably and accurately distribute voice and value amongst real people (protect the network from fake accounts) and helps Members build complex and reputable profiles for establishing trust amongst other Members that carry with them across the various applications of SEEDS.


  1. Today companies want users’ data to be stored on their network alone. This creates dependencies on that business, for example building up a good reputation on a selling or sharing site that you would lose if you went to another site. Within SEEDS all rights, abilities and reputation gained are part of your account and carry with you across all the applications within SEEDS (and becoming more compatible across other blockchains and ecosystems as well).

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