Decentralised account types and badges

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Account types help Members categorise contribution types and to provide various types of power, voice, and rewards to each category type. Within each category there are several (much more flexible) "badges" that can be issued that provide more rights (more rewards, voice, etc) to the holder.

There are at least 4 major account types and many badges within SEEDS:

  • Individual - Personal accounts.

    • Visitor Badge

    • Resident Badge

    • Citizen Badge

  • Organisational - Business, movement and organisational accounts that can be controlled by any number of individual Members.

    • Regular Org. Badge

    • Reputable Org. Badge

    • Sustainable Org. Badge

    • Regenerative Org. Badge

    • Thrivable Org. Badge

  • Regional - Local community accounts, owned and operated by the Citizens of those communities used for local coordination.

    • Dormant (not active enough to earn compensation)

    • Active (activated and earning compensation)

  • System - Official SEEDS accounts for protocols and contracts running the SEEDS network and always end in “.seeds”.


  1. Being able to distinguish between a regional, business, or organisational actor gives new powers to "the market" tool (that is unable to make this distinction). For example, some regions may decide to give more rewards to individual actors who enter a market (encouraging healthy competition) over organisational actors (discouraging monopolies).

  2. These categories help Members determine how much value to give to each group. How much of the shared economic growth is given to organisations vs people vs regions.

  3. Having layers within each category further helps Members distribute value to the most effective places. For example a “Thrivable Organisation” earns more rewards (and people who buy from them earn more rewards) than a “Regular Organisation” would. This creates an incentive for organisations to become more regenerative.

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