Badge Template

See best practices for tips and pitfalls to avoid if you're new to this.


Digital Badges are part of the larger credentialing ecosystem.

There are many ways to recognize an achievement, and many forms of proof for a variety of needs (such as proving who are treasurers and holding keys to various assets).

A digital badge serves both as recognition of learning or unlocking achievement or confirming a status level AND digital proof of that accomplishment. We have a unique opportunity to create badges in the DHO and to store a proof on chain, allowing other providers to verify/use the badge in their own context. We also see badges as "signal amplifiers" that multiply your existing work in the DHO.

For example, if you work in a 60% committed role earning $10,000, a potential badge could increase your DAO tokens and VOICE tokens by a factor of 1.01 for each salary claim (giving you 100 more DAO tokens and VOICE per claim). If you do not have a role (you do not have a responsibility and/or earn a salary), then the multiplier is 0 and the badge has no value. In other words, the badge only amplifies existing work and is only meaningful in effecting compensation inside this context.

We can have badges that have a multiplier of 1 (having no impact on your salary) or less than 1 (having negative impact on parts of your salary - e.g. for those holding a "intern" or "apprentice" badges, etc or holding the "break/vacation" badge), the combinations in this space are endless.


Describe the badge in as much detail as possible using the above introduction.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

Describe the specific properties of the badge as a badge holder.

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