The Treasurer has a fiduciary responsibility to protect assets that are owned by the DHO but not directly governed by the members (such as assets on another blockchain or in a bank account).

When the DHO votes to approve transactions that are not native to the Hypha document graph or blockchain, treasurers are responsible for executing those transactions securely and accurately. The most important skills for a treasurer are contentiousness, attention to detail, respect for security, and a deep commitment to executing the will of the DHO with objective integrity.

The most common duty is executing signing (approving) transactions on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains as part of semi-monthly redemption procedures. In this duty, treasurers ensure the right amounts are transferred to the right members based on their redemption requests. All procedures are multi-signature, meaning it takes 3 of 5 treasurers to approve any transactions, but this does not dilute the importance of security.

Serving in Treasury is a great fit for members with a financial acumen, and also for members desiring to learn more about blockchain, Bitcoin, or cryptography. It does not require technical skills, but treasurers are exposed to and have the opportunity to learn exciting, bleeding edge technologies.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

  • sign redemption transactions in the treasury section of the DHO

  • sign multi-sig transactions in the multi-sig section of the DHO

  • disapprove any of the above transactions

  • register transaction details across chains as required

  • respond to member questions about transaction status or questions

  • advise the treasury developers on how to improve the product

  • maintain documentation on treasury procedures

  • teach and mentor new treasurers

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