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Tech Support


Tech Support for tools is very much needed on a regular basis. It is essential for every organization that the platforms work and all members can have access to their functionality.
The support ranges from small support (e.g. try a different browser) to identifying bigger issues and gathering information so an issue can be created in Github.
The badge holder should have a good knowledge about the DHOs tools and be somewhat tech savvy.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

  • Power to respond to peoples’ questions regarding technical questions about the platform
  • Have the power to create a ticket on Github with all essential information (URL, Screenshot, Expected Behaviour, Experienced Behaviour)
  • Check if an issue is completed and mark it as resolved (inform the person who had the issue)
  • Possibility to answer questions about the platform in general or tag the respective person
Submitted by Joachim Stroh of Hypha DHO