The Moderator has fiduciary responsibility to protect members in the DHOs communication spaces.

If evidence shows that a member has harassed or distracted to perform normal duties, it is at the discretion of those holding the moderator badge to take corrective action and enact a disciplinary protocol for rule violations (such as banning members from chat groups).

To execute this duty, moderators must be aware of commenting guidelines and server protocols to remove members.

Note that this badge does NOT include content moderation and conflict/tension resolution.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

  • accept evidence from members that show a security affront and inability to perform duties

  • review and discuss evidence with other moderators (via a private or semi-private channel)

  • decide on a disciplinary action, including a warning, a referral, a kick (temporary removal) or a ban (permanent removal)

  • execute on disciplinary action and notify the offender

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