Lamp Lighter (Lead Link)


Lamp Lighters (LLs) are holding an important lead and link function in a circle to illuminate, to navigate and to celebrate our work.

It is through the LL that the circle manifests its purpose and accountabilities with razor sharp effectiveness. Their insight and understanding is shared in Collective Sensemaking (CS) or Anchor conversations of which they are automatically part of; where all LLs come together regularly to align and share updates.

Circles can have multiple LLs and LLs can be in multiple circles. There is only one badge per member and there can be no circle without a LL.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

  • clear understanding of the norms, the purpose and the accountabilities of the circle

  • representing the circle and sharing its wisdom within the super circle and CS

  • ready to act with radical honesty, transparency, responsibility and focus

  • above average understanding and proficiency in playing the Game of Hypha

  • able to surface and communicate strategies and priorities for the circle

  • able to identify structural and operational gaps in the circle and bring into the super circle and CS

  • approval of resources & budgets the circle needs for optimal purpose manifestation (with treasurer to counter-sign)

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