Meetings are an integral part of any organisation and especially when authority is distributed. Those that control the process and flow of information hold power over decisions and can stir the conversation towards divergence or convergence. This badge is here to ensure that this power over process is wielded by those that will use it to 'facilitate' the circle to enable effective organisational purpose manifestation.

This badge does not grant you the right to facilitate any specific circle meeting. A circle will always retain the right to choose/elect their own facilitator. It might choose to limit their choices to only those that hold this badge.

Powers, Perks, and Possibilities

  • create a safe container for all circle members to show up and process agenda items (tensions)

  • hold the group to the agreed time boundary

  • help (through questions, not direction) a tension holder find the correct context (role/soul/governance) to process their tension

  • process every tension into meaningful change in pursuit of purpose

  • compassionately protect the process even when emotions get heated

  • separate their personal needs from facilitator needs and clearly communicate both

  • signal to move the conversation towards divergence or convergence (or both)

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