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Org name

[A great name that captures what type of organization structure this is]


[Initial purpose]


[Initial policies]

Membership policy

[What is the criteria for joining and leaving the org]

Governance policies

[What are the initial governance criteria for the community making decisions]

Other policies

[Any other foundational policies to establish at the onset of org creation, keeping in mind that most policies will be decided by members using the above governance policies after the organization is launched]


[Initial circles - Circles are similar to departments of work groups that manage their own resources and rules]


[Initial roles - Roles are how members routinely contribute to the organization. For non-routine contributes members can use the 'contribution' option after the DHO is launched]


[Is the org using archetypes or not, and if so, which. Archetypes help organizations simplify the various forms of contributions they're seeking]

Salary Bands

[How many salary bands (different levels of pay) does the org offer?]


[Initial badges - Badges give various rights and powers to the holders]


[Initial standing quests - Quests are a standing contribution task that the community can continuously offer to members]

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